Masterful Still Lifes

The still lifes of a Dutch master! Here you will find all information about this painter, his paintings and the gallery in Gorssel.


In the ‘still life’ of the landscape in the French department of Lot-et-Garonne, amidst the time-honoured traditions of plum farmers, the painter Roman Reisinger (14-12-1970, Amsterdam) started to create still lifes in oil paint. Later he continued his traditionalist work in the town of Gorssel in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Here, in Spring, the meadow birds visit the forelands of the river IJssel, and geese forage in large numbers. In a scenery of arable land alternating with woods and heath, he works on his still lifes, mostly in seclusion. He puts his heart and soul into the works of art he creates.

Roman’s still lifes are authentic, and they often breathe an atmosphere from a distant past. He chooses his subjects selectively, and paints them true to life. Most of them have some relation to nature.


Skills and Philosophy


Roman has adopted the painting technique of the 17th-Century Dutch masters. This technique enables him to paint realistically and in great detail. He uses this form language to achieve his aim: creating captivating, harmonious, balanced paintings. The use of traditional methods is a means to achieve perfection.

Each still life is a test, and Roman devotes much attention to light, shadows, form, balance, colour, and atmosphere. Not only is his technical mastery of a high level, his compositions are also powerful and inspired. A painting consists of the structure of all of these facets in which everything exactly has fallen into place. By his broad choice of subjects, he takes into consideration human needs and interests that arise from different temperaments. This may inspire him to create tranquil paintings, but they can also be joyful and energetic.




Roman has been working as an artist since September 2001. As a painter he is self-taught. He learned the techniques from his father, Hans Reisinger, who was an all-round creator in the advertising trade. Practical experience has brought Roman where he is today. Since 2004 he has exclusively painted still lifes. At the time he started with sumptuous still lifes. Through the years, his still lifes have undergone a remarkable development, and they are very popular with both private and professional collectors. His work is a fulltime job, as the realization of the paintings is quite labour-intensive. Roman produces mainly free work, and he only takes on a limited amount of commissions per year. Before his career as a painter, he worked for various prominent advertising agencies, among others as a packaging designer, a visualiser, and an art director.


For detailed information: Henriëtte Reisinger (+31 6 13039402).